Tuesday 23 October 2018
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Prepossessing Modern Chandelier Trends to Improve your Home Décor

Lighting has always been on the top of the priority list of every home décor. One can compromise on other things but not lighting. And for lighting, one has an infinite number of options to choose from. From floor lamps to the ceiling chandeliers, you will find plenty of choices that will confuse you while you do your selection. The use of modern chandeliers for lighting and home décor has been trending these days.

Just like anything else, there are numerous choices for modern chandeliers. Gone are the days when there was a limited choice of chandeliers and that too at high prices. People usually believed that the chandeliers were for fancy homes only. But the time has changed and so does the chandeliers. Today, you will find an overwhelming range of modern chandeliers that are just perfect for any home.

More than just lighting up our homes, the chandeliers add an extra element to the home décor. The chandeliers have become the centre of attraction with fresh finishes and contemporary updates in their designs. Here we are with the prepossessing modern chandelier trends that you would love to add to your home to improve its interior design.

  1. Hygge Chandeliers
    As the name indicates, these chandeliers are synonymous to warmth, cosiness, and candles. This is a Scandinavian trend that has become quite popular in the modern world. This type of chandeliers creates buoyant design themes and their decorative accents make everyday life better. You can accompany these chandeliers with pretty coffee cups, super-soft blankets, and shaggy faux-fur rugs to create a welcoming environment that is warm, cosy, and has plenty of candles.
  2. Lagom Chandeliers
    Any Lagom chandelier is capable of giving a modern and minimalist twist to your contemporary decor. This is another Danish chandelier design that is suitable for a simple home. There is a huge variety of these chandeliers in the market that you can choose from. These complement the overall space and the existing decor. You better don’t settle for the first one see because there is a lot more than your eyes would want to see. You will find these designs in the pendant lighting.
  3. Metal Chandeliers
    The metal chandeliers are available in a number of options. Here are the best of them.
    Brass Chandeliers
    Buying these depends entirely on your choice. You can find them in options like burnished, aged and polished. Whether you like contemporary or modern designs, brass chandeliers make a perfect choice.
    Copper Chandeliers
    This metal is a timeless choice for chandeliers that is versatile enough to complement a huge number of home decor designs. Make a style statement with the satin copper fixtures or the raw copper with hammered finishes.
    Gold Chandeliers
    People have fallen in love with the golden metallic chandeliers when it is about decorating their home. Moreover, there are a number of options to choose the right golden colour for your home; varying from sunny yellow hues to radiant rose gold tones.
  4. Large Chandeliers
    When we are talking about the chandeliers, we cannot deny that the large chandeliers have always been among the best choices for large spaces. Every room needs a focal point and so does your entryway and hall. The large chandeliers have always been liked by people to beautify their home decor. These spread their light in all directions evenly making it bright. Make sure that you measure the dimensions of your space and choose a chandelier accordingly.
  5. French Country Chandeliers
    With these chandeliers, you can bring the picturesque beauty of the French countryside indoors to your homes. They are available in different options; varying from embellished, shimmering, and shining chandeliers to the modest silhouettes that have been framed using the wrought iron. These are a pretty option if you have floral-printed and toile upholstery.
  6. Iron Chandeliers
    If you like a more streamlined approach for your home decor, black iron frames are what you need. This is a pretty contrast that will go perfectly with minimalists and ties. Just make sure that you pick the right option.
  7. Farmhouse Chandeliers
    The black shades and metalwork contrast goes pretty well with the subway tiles, shiplap walls, and white backdrops. These add a rustic charm and an elegant touch to your wooden furniture, shelves, and cabinetry. You can use them over your dining table or the kitchen island for the essential task lighting.

The designs of the chandeliers have evolved a lot over the past few years. You can find an infinite number of options to choose the perfect chandelier for your home. No matter if you like modern chandelier designs or contemporary designs; you will find a large number of options that suit your choice, style, and budget. All you have to do is step out of your door and you will find the best options ever.

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