Wednesday 7 November 2018
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What Are Pallet Trucks, Their Types and Usage?

Pallet truck, also called as pallets trucks, is a manually operated mechanical tool used to lift and move pallets from one place to another. The machine features four wheels to hold the weight of pallets. Two of its wheels are called load wheels which help in loading and unloading purpose, while larger wheels, called as steer wheels, are positioned around a hinged handle. Pallet trucks are made of zinc or even of stainless steel, and high quality pallet trucks can resist moisture and wear and tear.


Types of Pallet Trucks and their Usage

When it is about pallet trucks, lots of people have a hunch that the machine comes in just one type: Manual pallet truck. As used in variety of stores and warehouses, pallets trucks come in different types, power options and sizes. Here’re different types of pallet trucks available in the market:

Manual Pallet Trucks

It is the most common and cheapest pallet trucks in the market that is powerful enough to hold 5500lbs. It is a small, simple machine that features a hydraulic pump. The manual pallet trucks work by pumping its handle in upward and downward direction.

Usage: Although manual pallet trucks have the capacity of around 5500lbs, it could move pallets over short distances. The manual trucks are often not the right ones for large-scale warehouse works, and they are often not the right instruments to support larger loads like heavy electronic goods, or large bales of cotton.

Electric Walk Behind

If you are looking for a pallet trucks which is not just a better version of manual pallet trucks, but also comes with several benefits, electric walk behind could be the best machine for you. Also known as walkie pallet, the electric walk behind is small in size, but still bigger than the traditional pallet trucks.

Usage: As it works with the help of an electric battery, the operator doesn’t need to assist it for driving and lifting load. With just by pressing a button, the pallets could be conveyed. In addition to that, there’s no need of pumping the machine’s handle to lift the load, a procedure followed while using manual pallet trucks.       

Rider Pallet Trucks

An upgraded version off electric walk behind, rider pallet trucks comes with a riding platform. It also uses electricity to lift and remove item, but there is also a place for an operator to sit and ensure that the machine is working efficiently. It is heavier than any other pallet truck. Some even found it very heavy even without an item loaded on it. Some pallet trucks also have push jacks, integral scales and screen adaptor.

Usage: Rider pallet trucks are mostly used in large warehouses where lots of heavy items are transferred regularly. It has an on-board battery to support the working of the machine. The main advantage of the machine is that the operator can step onto the machine and cover the distance.

Center Rider  

It’s an upgrade over rider pallet trucks and has some more safety features. Using this, the operator has a choice of facing forwards or backwards.

Usage: The Center rider pallet trucks are useful in large warehouse where heavy items could be transferred at long distances, especially when the distance is in a straight line.

Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker    

It is safer, more expensive, yet more useful version of pallets trucks which could be used to lift pallets in large places, like warehouses and machine shops.

Usage: Counterbalanced walkie stacker is beneficial in low lift heights. It is capable of lifting weight over 100 inches.      

So there are different versions of pallet trucks available which are used for major industrial and commercial uses. depending on the capacity of the goods, you can actually operate these pallet trucks manually and with electrical assistance.

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