Sunday 30 June 2019
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HGH Therapy in Houston: A Complete Guide

With HGH therapy becoming one of the most popular anti-aging therapies, it is important to get as much information as you can before you decide whether or not this is for you. Below, you will find a great deal of information about HGH and HGH therapy.

What is HGH Therapy?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone our bodies naturally produce. Its production peaks during childhood and it slowly diminishes as we grow older. The gland that produces this hormone is called a pituitary gland. Once we pass our 20s, the pituitary gland produces fewer growth hormones.

At first, HGH therapy was used on children with problems related to growth. But modern science has identified that lower levels of HGH lead to some problems that come with age. This includes decreased bone mass and muscle mass.

This leads us to men’s HGH therapy Houston, which is developed to increase the levels of HGH, alleviate problems that come with age and improve the quality of life for adults. It is quite often used in treating persons who experience muscle mass loss.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

Although very interesting, HGH therapy hasn’t attracted as many scientists as some other therapies did. Despite this, all these studies have found that HGH has several benefits. Injections of HGH hormone can help you lose body fat, improve your exercise capacity, build muscle, and increase bone density.

Please note that an increase in muscle mass doesn’t mean that you will experience increased strength, not unless you regularly exercise.

Are There Any HGH Therapy Side Effects?

Side effects in the history of HGH therapy are evident, and they occur more often in older adults than in younger people. Some of the side effects include:

  • Swelling legs
  • Swelling arms
  • Pain in the muscles and joints
  • Build-up of insulin resistance
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Enlargement of breast tissue in men

HGH Therapy: Pills or Injections

If you visit a clinic, you will receive HGH therapy in the form of injections. It is administered under the skin of the patient, and only after the blood work is done. Doctors are unable to prescribe HGH pills, and you will only be able to find those as dietary supplements on certain websites.

If feeling better as you grow older is your imperative, you should consult your doctor to determine whether or not you’re suitable to receive HGH therapy.